Avoid the problems of safeguarding your most precious assets with a storage cabinet

For over a decade, storage cabinet Hong Kong most complete and progressive storage system offers emerged, with the purpose of alleviating the problem regarding property protection that exists in many houses.
This reaction translates into mini warehouses which can be moved and therefore are organized, within an orderly way, in centres designed for that purpose. With all the development of Yes-Storage, storage cabinet the storage cabinet obtained a brand new course and it was distributed within small bins, inside which usually items of your house are protected.

This storage idea complies with just about all regulations to ensure that customers have their own goods after they need these. Our personnel takes care of the entire backup procedure and, in this manner; the user doesn’t have to get mixed up in mini-warehouse.
The storage cabinet Hong Kong is a practical remedy for those who want a special spot, where to keep your goods they do not use and cannot keep at home, due to space limitations.
Given that 2018, it is possible to shop your products in the YS Jumbo mobile lockers. In these mini storage containers, everything is saved and it is situated in a special heart, where the client can come as he needs it.

To obtain our providers, including the carry of merchandise known as “Let’s Move”, you just have to get in touch with the customer support team and set an appointment. Around the indicated time, the client can click on us at the center and evaluation or distance themself what they wish.
Another progressive option that has been implemented may be the transport services, which areas the mini storage in the location where the customer indicates this. In this way, your client will not have to go and shed valuable time.
The organization has been thought to be the best brand with the New Star honor in 2012. In addition, it has the firm and help of the Brand Development Council of the trademark Bureau associated with Hong Kong.
For more information, check out www.ys-jumbo.org.