Avenue South Residence luxury and serenity in the financial heart of Singapore.

The Oriental continent has one of the most produced and high-profile towns in the world. The actual technological progress of Singapore in recent times represents one to follow throughout the nations around the world.
The city development in Singapore has been praised Avenue South Residence by great nations around the world, as it goes at night needs of the answers, it has been designed and created with the near future in mind, with all the vision, considering an integrated method.

UOL Group, U . s . Industrial Corp. and Kheng Leong Company along with great experience with the real estate enterprise have come together to create various advances inside urban development in the city of Singapore. At this juncture, we existing the new household complex Avenue South Residence, city development based in the center associated with Silat Avenue next to the Enterprise Center of the city.

Avenue South Residence location in the area of Bukit Merah, the us government of this city has been dedicated in recent years to produce spaces in this area that combine residents over the entire entire rail corridor. Avenue South Residence despite being in the business core of the city of Singapore is made to ensure a quiet and unique way of life for outfits.

Avenue South Residence is considered the paradise with regard to adults and children. In the view towards the technological advance, this is the reason for each perform within the town, Avenue South Residence offers places for these improvements, for the creation of considerable amounts of commercial and local premises for entertainment, (restaurants, shops, green places).
One of the purpose of the creation of this particular condo about Silat Avenue is to achieve the interaction from the community and the environment, has a lot of spaces connected to nature in areas of great tranquility and beauty.

Avenue South Residence Showflat is available for this 2019 with coordinated visits via sales@ave-southresidence.com sales mail or perhaps through the quantity (+65) 6100-0035 come to notice the wonders of Singapore in a household complex.

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