How to choose the right pool fence for your surface?

When looking to find the right pool fence material for a pool area there are a few important factors to consider before making a final decision. Taking an overview as presented by of what are the most important factors to consider should be first on the list of considerations.

Ground Surface

The first most important factor is to consider what type of surface the pool fence will be installed in. Certain fences are much more conducive to installation in soil; some are more conducive to be used on a wooden deck, while other types of fencing are better when installed in concrete. All fencing is not alike and should not be considered the same. For people who are looking for wood fencing, this is best used for either soil or wood deck installation. By contrast, metal or wrought iron fencing is better used in concrete but can be used in soil as it can be braced in with the use of concrete footings. Wood fencing while at times can use concrete footings, are most often placed directly in the dirt with the aid of a post hole digger or are attached to the wood of a deck with brackets.

Soil Types

While as a general rule, wooden fences can work in many soil types, the reality is that for people with certain soil compositions, wood fences would need to be installed with concrete footings in the same way a metal or wrought iron fence would. Rocky, sandy, or loose soils would require concrete footings for any type of fencing to ensure it stays secure.






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