Drugs in the workplace

Drug and alcohol among staff can be a major issue for the workplace. Drug usage is a serious threat to the individuals because it can cause health issues and can be a leading factor for accidents in the workplace. Its important to recognise this as a real issue and put certain pieces in place to prevent this issue from growing.

Effects of alcohol

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Alcohol is one of the most common drugs in our society. Its also one of the most used one in the workplace. There are two different types of problems in the workplace related to alcohol.

Drinking after or before work

Many workers drink after work according to this study. This often cause tiredness and lower production levels the next day which impacts companies revenue stream.

Drinking at work

Many companies have events and functions on a regular basis where alcohol is present. These types of events increases the availability of alcohol as well as consumption of drugs.

Cannabis usage

Cannabis usage is quite low in some countries in EU like Sweden and Norway. Other countries like Netherland has a significant higher population using drugs mainly because of the liberal laws governing the country. Many organisations, for example Droginformation in Sweden are trying to inform the public about the effects of Cannabis and other drugs.

Spice Drug

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