5 Pallet Rack Safety Considerations

A pallet storage rack is used to handle items on pallets in matters of warehousing. Despite having multiple types of racking pallets, they are standardized to give room for both horizontal and vertical rows in a warehouse. This allows placement on pallet racks by forklift trucks to be manageable.
If used in a proper manner, racks and rack accessories help in efficient space utilization, easy inventory control by use of FIFO approach, reduces storage damages and enhances safety within warehouses. Here are One Call Warehouse best pallet racking safety tips.


General Safety Considerations:

• Avoid Overloading and wrong use of pallets:

This is the first rule of warehousing safety so ensure all warehouse workers understand the rack capacities and how to estimate the weight of each load. In bigger warehouses, documenting the facts, distributing the different products and advanced training for workers will not give room for overloading.


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• Proper Installation and Rack maintenance reduces occurrence of warehouse accidents:

Ensure that all uprights are securely bolted both to the floor and to the roof. Also, do regular maintenance to ensure that those that have loosened up over time are reinstated. The beams must always be secured and this should be checked regularly just like the uprights. After initial installation, always double check every step and during usage, monitor so as to ensure that accidents are avoided.

• Place load correctly on the beams:

Forklift drivers must have the essential training required to deposit load on pallets onto the rack. In a nut-shell, they should place them squarely, should have them overlapping in a uniform manner both at the front and the back. This will help distribute load evenly, reduce possibility of any accidents and helps giving beams a longer span.



• Take note and replace all damaged or degraded racks:

As simple as it sounds, this is very essential as it is the first instance of eliminating damage to load at the warehouse and risk to all warehouse workers. It is cheaper to replace degraded racks than to savage goods after a collapse and even endangering workers.

• DO NOT or BE extremely observant when mixing rack types:

Before mixing rack types in any warehousing exercise, check for any concerns with the manufacturers of both racks in question, asking if there may be possible problems and if you have even the slightest doubt, do not mix them.


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